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i have setup the simulator in a EXSI 6.7 environment, and want to test ISCSI failover to the windows server 2016 
I am checking ping command with ansible to NetApp simulator  , it is throwing me the below error messages   ansible -i filers -m comman more
In a nutshell, is this possible on simulators?
  I tried importing the Ontap 9.1p13 simulator into Fusion 11 and receive "Failed to open OVF descriptor". Is there a workaround for this error?    
hello everybody How can i  install ontap 9.4 simulator on hype-v? thanks    
hi    i know the cli command to clone the lun from snapshot copy of volume in netapp Array.. CLI commands: 1. create snapshot:     volume snapshot cre more
Hi,   I downloaded NMSDK 9.3 and was trying out the sample code. I was getting error: Error 13006: Vserver API missing vserver parameter. if you add: more
I see api's for the following except for net-interface-rename   net-interface-createnet-interface-deletenet-interface-get-iternet-interface-migratenet more
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NetApp SNMP MIB The Network Appliance custom MIB contains detailed descriptions of data retrieved from appliances via common SNMP clients. The MIB is more
All -   We used to have students add their own SSDs to the sims in our lab environs. The procedure has been taken out of the most recent version of th more