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Hi,I can open the following path in File Explorer at Windows as user001\\ONTAP1-CIFS\ONTAP_ADMIN$\But I can't open this path as user002.Both users (us more
Hello, I'm running both of those sims on Linux+Vmware player 16.2.4 and they work just fine. The only issue is that I can't make any volumes via GUI. more
I have a ZAPI script that makes one call to 'snapmirror-update' so that a client can trigger a snapmirror after their data is written. One permissions more
I use  the simulator 9.8I add the to port to simulator before the simulator first boot,When the simulator first boot ,there are only two port (e0a and more
Hi,Trying to get the qtree name that has curly braces in it. ex - {cjtest-really-long-name}if tried name: {cjtest-really-long-name} without double quo more
Hi, verb - POSTapi - snapmirror/policiesbody - {'name': 'ansible_policy', 'svm': {'name': 'ansible_snap'}, 'type': 'async'}my assumption was async is more
I've been working on automating stuff via REST calls and I ran into an uncomfortable security scenario. The account I used has a dedicated rest-role. more
When running an Ansible job that only sets "use_ldaps". When the Ansible job is run it does enable use_ldaps, but in the process stops the CIFS server more