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We have a set of training environments that are FlexClones of "gold" master volumes.  We refresh them nightly by destroying the old clones and creatin more
I am checking ping command with ansible to NetApp simulator  , it is throwing me the below error messages   ansible -i filers -m comman more
Hi All, I installed vsim 9.12.1 to test few things, can anybody help me how i can capacity to aggregate as maxium i can is 56 disk of 1GB which gave t more
I posted this on a different board originally, but I think it belongs here maybe?  I have a sandbox cluster running 9.11.1P6 that I used to test a Pow more
Hi all, I am running an ONTAP 9.11.1 Simulator and a virtual StorageGRID 11.6. The goal with this setup is to test SnapMirror Cloud.I've added a S3 bu more
Hello! We currently have a demo running in a vmware vSphere environment with its mNode and Ontap. We want to add another demo with the sam more
ONTAP Simulator doesn't provide the S3 license, is there a way I can have S3 license for simulator.
I am trying to create new policies in OnTap 9.11 and it to cluster.Error I m getting "error_message": "Field "scope" cannot be set in this operation", more