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The following error i got when i'm running the commands when i'm using ONTAP Select, where we can't configure the service-policy on the lifi have 20 H more
when running the following command for svm1 on the cluster "connect-nccontroller svm1 -credential $credential-verbose -debug - https" and providing th more
Hi, I have a couple of  SnapCenter servers that are returning a token of "no content" using the API Explorer, "False" with an https Python call.  Pyth more
I redad and according to sample, I tired to creae cifs sahre as bellow: more
Hi @everyone,I am getting the below error .ta_ontap.OntapClient.ClientSideError: [OntapClient] Client Side Code Error 13001: Aggregated instances requ more
The instructions are for windows/mac running vmware workstations. I want to see if the simulator can run on our vmware infrastructures.thanks,John
Using PCL, I could successfully create CloudTarget. But couldn't atttach to existing aggregae.-----cloudstore = CloudStore.from_dict({"target" : {"nam more
I would like to test with s3 on the simulator running 9.9.1.  Where can i obtain a license, and it is by default added to 9.8 iinstalls right? Isnt it more
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