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Hi All I'm trying to install the Netapp Sim v9.11.1On to Vm Workstation Pro 17Windows 2019 But the install keeps terminating with the attached.This is more
I have this functioning example of na_ontap_rest_api:- name: run vserver cifs security modify aes-enabled-for-netlogon-channel true netapp.ontap.na_ more
Hi -- I am wondering how to convert this functioning Ansible snippet into the REST version? TIA! - name: run vserver cifs options modify is-netbios-ov more
I am working on a script to close all open files within a specific folder. I started down the path of using the REST API, but was unable to get the in more
I've updated PowerShell Toolkit on my workstations and servers to versions later than 9.10.1.x (either or and now standard cm more
After doing a bit more research it turns out that on a system with Advanced Disk Partition we can not use the container-type as indication for a spare more
 I am working on a script to update SVM’s credentials via API calls. While exploring the options I have come across swagger documentation for creating more
Dear Community Members,  This is to inform you about an important change concerning the release strategy for the Python Client Library (netapp_ontap). more