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Hello,   We have a quote a few NAS SVMs running accross 2 cDot Clusters that run Ontap 9.4P3, when attempting to use quota-set-entry through the API w more
Dear All, I am trying to query NTFS ACL for shared volumes using the c# netapp-manageability-sdk-9.6.  The underlyning infrastructure is ontapi 1.120 more
I am seeing this error and following it the stack trace:  *** Aborted at 1560796356 (unix time) try "date -d @1560796356" if you are using GNU date ** more
I cannot locate a ZAPI to modify the following, does one exist? volume efficiency modify -vserver xxxx-volume xxxx -compression false -inline-compress more
Listen in to REST API podcast as we talk REST APIs in ONTAP 9.6 and how REST APIs will improve the overall ONTAP deployment experience.
A few times now we've had power failures and the 9.5 vsim root vol gest trashed.  Logging in, I see ************************* SYSTEM MESSAGES ******** more
Do check out RESTful APIs: Now Natively Available with NetApp ONTAP 9.6 Software blog posted on
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