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Posting on behalf of a customer -   Trying to figure out SDK call to flush the DNS cache on vfiler after we break the snapmirror and export volume on more
Hi all,   Most of our CIFS volumes have their namespace under vol, a leftover from our 7-mode days. Recently, we have simply allowed Ontap to create t more
I downloaded vsim version vsim-esx-DOT9.5P6-cm_nodar.ova   The checksum download, MD5Checksums_9.5P6.txt, has listed  vsim-esx-DOT9.5P6-cm.ova  and vs more
Looking for the property values for 'Thin Provisioned' and 'Style' under the cmdlet Get-NcVol, that are displayed in the GUI/WEB under Volumes.  Below more
Running Ontap 9.5 on FAS systems.   Netapp PS Toolkit 9.6.0   Using AD credentials, I am unable to invoke-ncssh.   However, if I use the netapp admin more
I used to use "Set-NcSnapmirror -MaxTransferRate" in 8.1, but it now appears to be broken in 9.5.   Does anyone know of a fix other than to use the in more
Hi,   has anyone ever managed to give a 9.x Sim an AFF personality? We want to "simulate" e.g. QoS settings (floors)... We're aware, that they won't " more
Hi, I have two node cluster (vsim 8.3) running on VMware Fusion. Doing some exercise I changed the MTU on my cluster ports using network port broadcas more
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Think of this as a quick install guide.  It will not go into configuring or using the hypervisor, or how to complete the NetApp setup script.  Instead more
NetApp unified storage systems support multiprotocol data access and can be configured as SAN, IP-SAN and NAS devices at the same time. NetApp storage more
NetApp SNMP MIB The Network Appliance custom MIB contains detailed descriptions of data retrieved from appliances via common SNMP clients. The MIB is more