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Hey, I saw that through the "account" section I can pull the storage usage information for the specific tenant but I couldn't find how to pull the tot more
i've encountered an issue on ontap9, that looks like this: 1. i create dir1 using file-create-directory  2. i call file-get-file-info for dir1, and ge more
Hello. I see that there is a newer release of netapp-lib on PyPi here: unfortunately release 2020.3.12 only has a more
I am hoping to start pulling data from the Active IQ API and as an inexperienced Python guy was wondering if there was a working repository of AIQ Pyt more
I am trying to print the aggregate info (size and used space) in text format . Can some one help. Ontap: 8.3.2 p2 api = NaElement("aggr-space-get-iter more
i m trying to pull the aggr space using  below script and getting hte error.Cna some one help me plz. Error:  File "", line 34, in < more
I am going crazy. Can anybody tell me the secret of deleting a CIFS server with Python client library? It complains about missing AD credentials, but more
Hi everyone,   I'm trying to get a vsim netapp 7m 8.2.1 running and I got the file for the tgz from this location: more
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Can everyone download the Data Ontap 8.2.1 simulators? I tried to download them, but only 8KB tgz files are downloaded.Links are as bellow.http://mysu more
Think of this as a quick install guide.  It will not go into configuring or using the hypervisor, or how to complete the NetApp setup script.  Instead more
NetApp unified storage systems support multiprotocol data access and can be configured as SAN, IP-SAN and NAS devices at the same time. NetApp storage more
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