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Hi everyone,   I'm trying to get a vsim netapp 7m 8.2.1 running and I got the file for the tgz from this location: more
Greetings,   I upgraded an ONTAP 9.6 Simulator Cluster to 9.7 and would like to test S3 storage. Could you please release new license keys for the new more
I'm looking for a simulator download to deploy the NetApp ONTAP 9.7 simulator in VMWare Vshphere/ESXi so we can test compatibility with our product an more
Hi guys, Need, help. Getting following error constantly from fpolicy on 7 mode simulator against windows 2012 server.  Checked DNS, GPO named pipes se more
Wondering if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction for downloading VSIM for ONTAP of ONTAP 8.2.4 P6 and ONTAP 8.2.5 P1 .  We support more
*********************************************August 7, 2017 UPDATE! I now have the simulator 9.1 fully fuctional on Xenserver 7.2 . Network ports and more
I built (about a month ago) a SIMBOX netapp 8.2.3 7-mode system.  I setup shares via the OnCommand system manager (3.1.3) and somehow, I am unable to more
A few times now we've had power failures and the 9.5 vsim root vol gest trashed.  Logging in, I see ************************* SYSTEM MESSAGES ******** more
Hello to All,   I installed a SIM 9.5P6 2 node cluster -ESX version and once setup completed added some licenses to the cluster, but with this version more
Has anyone had any issues with multiple disk failures on the OnTap simulator?  We have two single-node simulators setup (running on VMWare 6.0), and h more
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