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Hi!I’m currently using PowerShell and the Netapp API for 7-mode to perform a refresh of databases on a SQL reporting server from a prod SQL server. Th more
Background: Currently we have implemented SnapMirror using Split operation, since we faced issue with Fracture operation. As per CIM definition split more
Hello together,   I try to get Ansible running against a cDOT 9.3 system.   ansible 2.5.3 config file = /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg configured module sea more
Requirement: Create a thin or thick snapshot as per user requirement via CIM method invocation using "CreateElementReplica" of CIM_ReplicationService. more
Hi, Is there a SDK API available to fetch change set from Volumes?    Eg: We fetch all the folders and files in a Volume on Day 1. File xxx was rename more
Hi,   i am trying to find api call/object equivalent to the following command: network connections active show-protocols The header of such command i more
Hi, We are in the process of creating some specialized checks for our distributed monitoring environment, we'd like to bundle the required jars for nm more
Hi everyone.   I'm trying to use Get-NcNetFailoverGroup in one of my powershell scripts, but I can't get it to return anything at all.   The call to G more
Is the growth(slope) to be calculated with the reference of past 90 days or more?May i know how exactly it works?
My question to NetApp - why so complicated?Do I really need to have paid support to download and use your SDK?