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Hello. I see that there is a newer release of netapp-lib on PyPi here: unfortunately release 2020.3.12 only has a more
I am hoping to start pulling data from the Active IQ API and as an inexperienced Python guy was wondering if there was a working repository of AIQ Pyt more
I need some help to setup snapmirror relationship using python scripts
Hello, I've seen several examples around accessing results from get-iter but I'm struggling to access a single result and the examples in the 9.4 API more
Hi,   I try to create a python script which triggers a volume snapshot. I've downloaded the manageability-sdk 9.4 and tried some first steps with the more
hi   I am a new netapp sdk user. I am trying to execute some Python samples that are included with the SDK. I always get the error 'unable to find api more
Is it possiable to fileter by access time using the NMSDK (5.7)?  For example all snapshots 7 days or oldersomething like -- xi1.child_add_string("acc more
I am new to using Python and the NASDK and was trying to determine how to return some data from the security-config-get api.  Here is some sample code more
Does anyone have any idea why the following code snipit would fail on a 4 node cluster, but work fine on a 2 node cluster?  # get node mangement inter more
I get an error when I try to invoke rest-api POST method with the URL. URL for POST is : "https://localhost/rest/v1/admin/datasources" . When I invoke more
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