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We have two Unified Managers at V7.3P1.  Is there a way to copy a custom report from one Unified Manager to another?
I am trying to find the equivalent sdk call for doing following steps,  vfiler run $hostname exportfs -av  vfiler run $hostname  exportfs -f    /vol/c more
Hi.  Good day.    I need information concerning replication on NetApp.    I have a controller at the DR site I want to replicate from. Obviously the d more
We have a 4 node cluster with 3x SVMs being used. The 2 impoortant ones are SVM1 for VMware and SVM2 for Physical servers (mainly hosting SQL).   We a more
I need some help to setup snapmirror relationship using python scripts
Hi   I'm trying to replace an assigned disk with a spare with the disk replace command, when disk copy is in progress logs show source disk errors and more
My Netapp filers are running 9.1p5, python version is 3.7.3 and NMSDK version is 9.4. When i run the following python script, it gives me the error an more
Hi, I am using below ONTAP API's and DLL to manage a cifs share & quota management using tool. DLL: - ONTAP 9.1 (From NetApp Manageability S more
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