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Hi folks,   I need a business case which includes a aggregate capacity trend graph in order to install a new disk shelf into my cusomters DC.   I can more
Hi All - @rranga - Please confirm that if a qtree full threshold breaches 80%, based on the qtreeFullThresholdInterval =0 seconds, it'll alert immedia more
Hello,   Enironment: Ontap 9.4, OCUM 9.5 volumes types FLEXVOL Alert : Risk          - Too Many Snapshot Copies   As far as i know In ONTAP 9.3 and e more
Hello to all, A client has used Active IQ OneCollect tool 1.7 version, to export his infrastructure (Collection type device). The exported file is .xl more
Hello, I am just creating my first LUN via SnapCenter and am documenting the procedure. I noticed two differences with the LUN creation process in Sna more
You tried to check the snap mirror status by referring to the SDK guide.The sdk version has been tested in version 5.4 / 9.6.I want to know why.  
All,   We are working on migrating a customer from an on-prem dedicated cluster to CVO in Azure and had a few of questions about SnapMirror capabiliti more
In OnCommand System Manager in my FAS I have an option to create Application. I have ontap 9.5 installed.I have several database options (Oracle, SQL, more
Is there a way/syntax for XCP SCAN to provide a more detailed output of which files/folders have not been modified >1 year?   When I run xcp scan -sta more
Hello All - We are looking to recover NetApp base config (aggrs, vols, SVMs, igroups, name spaces etc) without any user data.   Idea is that in cyber more