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Hi there, I've implemented SAML auth (AD FS) on our backup FAS2720 for a test drive and finally got it working after some struggle. Referring to this more
    In the previous episode #4 , we discussed the programmatic way to find the ONTAPI (ZAPI) usage against a cluster and to find the equivalent ONTAP® more
Hi Community I have problem to delete snapmirror with ansible module na_ontap_snapmirror.  When remove the snapmirror with module, the snapshot is rem more
issues once ONTAP upgraded to 9.10.1p2 issues started  [2022-04-24 08:37:00] [WARNING] [wafl] data-list update failed.[2022-04-24 08:37:00] [WARNING] more
If you're looking for more information on Spring4Shell, NetApp Security Advisory CVE-2022-22965 Spring Framework Vulnerability contains a full list of more
In the previous Episode#3 of blog series, you would have experienced hands-on with ONTAP REST using Postman.In this fourth episode of blog series, we more
My customer uses the NaServer and NaElement classes of the NMSDK (5.6) to access the SOAP api.  Due to requirements in the environment, they'll need t more
Thanks again for participating in the 2021 Partner Experience Survey.   We always welcome partner feedback Join NetApp’s Insights to Action community more
I run XCP Analytics before data migration. I think that "the number of Atime / ModTime / CreateTime files per period" is a little useful for estimatin more
NetApp is unquestionably the giant hub for any establishment that seeks to unleash the power of data to meet business demands and gain a competitive e more