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I do have slight suspicion, based on some observed problems, the ontap rest api python recommended use of 'with host_connection:' may run into problem more
HelloCan anyone point me in the right direction on which logfiles to view when troublehooting client access to an Ontap S3 bucket.We are running Ontap more
We have implemented CIS policies in our Azure subscriptions. Our installation of CVO is showing a few items we are not compliant with. Trying to get s more
Hey there, in my node project i have an object storage server by OnTap.My functionality occurs via the npm sdk `aws-sdk`. The problem is that at the s more
Symptom: When using the ansible netapp.ontap.na_ontap_command module and gracefully shutting down all nodes at once on the Netapp does it automaticall more
We have an interesting case here. Bit older Ontap version, 9.7, but may apply to newer versions too. Also a bit of show stopper for our ongoing zapi-t more
Did you know that the NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Administrator (NCHC-AD) certification was introduced in 2018? Now in 2022 we see the introduction more
Dear PowerShell Community,There is an issue with “New-NcVol” cmdlet released in Package that impacts Clusters 9.10 and above only. The New more
 Have you seen the error in your logs "tsse.scan.start.failed: 'Space Reclaim Estimate Scan' failed to start on '<AGGR-NAME>; - CDE Disabled."? ONTAP more
Take the Cloud Data Services certification beta exam and get a voucher for 50% off the exam of your choice!The NetApp Cloud Data Services exam [NS0-70 more