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**DISREGARD**  The issue was resolved by using 'Rename-NcVserver' instead. I had missed it somehow when checking the powershell commands.Hello everyon more
Why is the Powershell command 'Start-NcVolMove' limited to the cluster SVM? PS > $sourceVol | Start-NcVolMove -DestinationAggregate $DestinationAggr.A more
After ONTAP 9.10 upgrade, workflows containining the 'Create Volume' step (and  possibly others) failed with the previous version test. The problem tu more
Is their an api to retrieve a report saved as a CSV  file in data warehouse
Hi All,I need some help for a Powershell script. I like to do a report for Snapmirror Lag to receive Information about Cluster Name,source volume and more
    If you haven't already signed up for INSIGHT 2021, stop what you're doing and go to to register.   Meet the Specialis more
Hello,I am trying to use the Test-NcExportAccess command from the Powershell toolkit ver9.8, and each time I use this command it send me nothing. Here more
In the past, I've used Invoke-NcSSH to administer Ontap clusters from a central location.  i.e. I could pull the aggregate list from a cluster using a more
Hello experts, I'm going to ask if you're aware of any customers using VMware NSX in conjunction with FlexPod.From what I know the FlexPod reference a more
We are turning on MFA for login to our arrays and AIQ, does anyone know if/how this will affect authentication through the API?