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Hi to allhavent done any head upgrade before, trying to learn some new stuff.Customer wants to head upgrade their FAS8020 HA pair to 1 controller FAS8 more
Unique identifiers such as WWN, WWID or serial numbers changes when disk is transported to the client side.I am using NVMe/TCP connection for disk sha more
I'm using Ontap C-Mode 9.8 and have a file share estate exposed as CIFS. It has over 89 million files. I'd like to enable file system analytics agains more
 I have a need to run a script in 'Active IQ unified manger' server using the script option. It's all working normal when I provide the username and p more
 Dear Sirs:I have a single chassis of FAS2720 (two nodes with HA). FAS2720 HW description1. two nodes (two controllers) with HA.2. No attached extensi more
Basic Problem Description : creating tamperproof snapshot polices on cluster - created a powershell script to identify the expired snapshots for the v more
Get-NCSnapMirror (Netapp.ONTAP doesn't correctly return the status of SnapMirrors from an Ontap 9.11.1P11 appliance. The returned status more
 I am working on a script to update SVM’s credentials via API calls. While exploring the options I have come across swagger documentation for creating more
Hi,I'd like to get the status of all qtrees and information about qtree quotas and the capacity utilization of all qtrees same from Active IQ  Unified more
Dear Community Members,  This is to inform you about an important change concerning the release strategy for the Python Client Library (netapp_ontap). more