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I have an Ontap Select system that is up and running.  The ESX system is being moved to another location and thus the naming of the virtual machines i more
We recentrly migrated from a physical vCenter to a the vCenter appliance.  during this process I discovered that our version of the VSC was on limited more
Hello,   Any one deployed OCUM server on a AWS machine (WIN or Not) to monitor ONTAP Cloud instances ? This is as alternate to cloud insigth ,but i wa more
OCI engineering is working this month on adding HPE Nimble support to OCI. If this is any interest to you and you would like to influence what we are more
Snapshot copy "snapmirror.a493e3a6-2055-11e7-b1a8-00a098a42123_1101666950002.2019-03-07_162909" on source volume using a transient Snapshot copy is no more
Been watching since last year to get snapmanager updated so it could support vmware 6.7.1, was given info saying Decemeber 2018, then January 2019, th more
Hi to all for a customer demo, i prepared an snapcenter environment with netapp simulator and a nested ESX .And installed snapcenter , registered the more
What tools or mechanism you would use to Monitor Altavault and alert users on issues?   We dont' receive any alerts when ALV has issues. Thanks!
Hello,   Snapcenter vmware make primary-snaphots without any problem. Transfer to secondary crashes allways because of "another transfer is in process more
I think we are all concern about our data location and how they are used. The EU has come with soem good news introducing ethics and human rights resp more