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na_ontap_volume faisl to delete a volume on a filer when using state: absent  i created a new 1GB test volume using the ontap CLI , to test the deleti more
Hello ,We have a SnapCenter Standalone server in PROD ( using vsphere , exchange and SQL Plug-ins )  with more than 100 hosts configured .We would lik more
cmd “Set-NcCifsOption -VserverContext $VserverName -IsCopyOffloadEnabled:$false -IsCopyOffloadDirectCopyEnabled:$false”which is used in WFA to disable more
Hello World!To begin our Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) forum, I figured I'd share some basic info about VDS and some links to relevant resources.   VD more
OCI customers may be aware that we have had a few datasources we had marked as "deprecated" because we intended to re-write them against our "storage" more
As of this morning, you can now deploy a Hitachi Content Platform data collector with both inventory and performance support. This is a REST API based more
Hey all, You should now be able to deploy Dell/EMC PowerStore inventory discovery in Cloud Insights - this is a REST API based data collector that nee more
Hey all, We shipped our latest OCI maintenance release, and data source service pack today. I would recommend all OCI 7.3.1 through 7.3.10 users to lo more
Checkout REST API's for reporting exposed for SnapCenter. In the demo you will see how you can build customize SnapCenter backup report using any repo more
Hey all,   We are exploring the feasibility of HDS Ops Center as a possible data source option for NetApp OnCommand Insight. If you are an OCI user wi more
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