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hiwhen i am trying to create new lun i got error related no space, after that i am not ableto see luns list in ontap system manager, in cli when i use more
Using ONTAP 9.11.1 simulator created 2 node cluster on the ESXI server using OVA file.Created SVM using CIFS protocol and using the SVM created the vo more
Hi everyone,I am using the Get-NcCifsSession from the Powershell Toolkit to get the number of sessions connected to a Vserver on an AFF with FlexCache more
Hi everyone,in REST mode, if I extract user  type quotas with the Get-NcQuota command, I see the quota, but not the associated user.If I run the same more
I've been doing some work on SolidFire replication reporting and in addition to the more basic "broken volume pair" type of report I also created a bi more
Hi Everyone, I'm facing below issue when trying to delete a snapshot from which a volume is cloned. Is this because the cloned volume has not been spl more
Although it is unsupported, does anyone has experience in using Snapmirror and SnapVault in between mixed NetApp and Lenovo environments?
Hello, I Need some help, as I'm doing copy operation using XCP between two NAS shares [SVMs] which are located in Europe and NorthAmerica respectively more
Hi,Please, how many LDAP server  can we configure  within  an SVM, and if we lost one of the LDAP server, does the SVM connect to the avalable one aut more
How are you guys day going?I'm just a freshman engineer who is in the beginning.I just have a question about the disk size. Because I know that 960GB more