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In OnCommand System Manager in my FAS I have an option to create Application. I have ontap 9.5 installed.I have several database options (Oracle, SQL, more
Is there a way/syntax for XCP SCAN to provide a more detailed output of which files/folders have not been modified >1 year?   When I run xcp scan -sta more
Hello All - We are looking to recover NetApp base config (aggrs, vols, SVMs, igroups, name spaces etc) without any user data.   Idea is that in cyber more
Hi,We have a cDot vserver with a normal 1Gb root vol and 2 LS mirrors - the root vol is very nearly full because something has recently written to a d more
Hi, my login to Netapp Univerity does not work. Can someone from Netapp Support assist here?   I always get the error: User record doesn't exist. Plea more
We are using Netapp VSC 6.2.1P1D5  to Clone virtual machines on ESXI 6.5. We have the issue that we get different maximum number of clones limits. For more
We urgently needed some storage, so I decided to reinstall an old Netapp FAS2240-4 with Ontap 8.2.5 in 7-Mode. I do not have any newer licenses and th more
Use this 7z unlocker tool to restore lost 7z file password because of this you can get back any type of complex password combination without damage fi more
One of our MetroCluster controllers just threw a "Panic string: Uncorrectable Machine Check Error at CPU2. MC5 Error: STATUS<0xb200000084200e0f>(Val,U more
ONTAP 9.3P2, RHEL 7 clients accessing research data.  We're facing the NFS 16 group limit and about to enable the auth-sys-extended-groups option for more