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Hi Community We are building NetApp in Japan.   A new language utf8mb4 has been implemented since 9.5. Until now, we had language as CIFS only, NFS on more
Hello, I'm writting a script that will do some things, depends on current-transfer-error attribute of SnapVault and SnapMirror. The issue is, I don't more
Hi   On executing the "statistics disk show" command, we get Node as "Multiple_Values" for some of the Netapp Cluster. Some Netaapp cluster return cor more
Is it possible? When I use ONTAP Deploy 2.10, IT requires a minimum of 2 TB of free space on storage. But I want to deploy 2-node cluster on a 1 TB RA more
We have NetApp device FAS2552 with OnTAP software 8.3.2P2 software.  Environment is Hyper-V on Windows 2012 R2 .  Windows 2012 R2 releases disk  space more
Hi Team , Below is the command output . PS C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0> Invoke-NaSysstat -C 10 -i 1 CPU NFS CIFS HTTP FCP iSCSI RdOps W more
I am using NMSDK with python with c-mode filer , by using "system-get-ontapi-version" i get the major-minor version as 1:32 with this version i am usi more
Greetings.   I'm facing an issue about using SanpProtect Windows File System to backup files from VM. My Version is v11.   Error Code: [32:392] Descri more
Hi,I've started with my next challenge:  snapcenter based snapshot backup and try to understand it's restore options.   In a test-environment (snapcen more
I am receving the following error when I try to create a volume. I checked the site-packages directory and have the NetApp-Lib module available (/usr/ more