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Hi. our OCUM has been upgraded to Active IQ Unified Manager 9.6. Had a look through the support docs and it looks like it's not possible to import new more
How to know ONTAP and NMSDK API calls are GET / POST requests? I am using methods like AggrListInfoRequest to get the data from the NetApp Cluster.
when running file-get-file-info on ontap9.7 (ontapi 1.170) i get a valid result (file size is correct) but no name element. if this just a change in b more
according to the documentation 'clone-create' is a synchronous operation. i take this statement to mean that as soon as it returns, i should be able t more
Hi All,   Would it be possible to automate snap list via unified manager so that the report can be emailed to me on a daily basis.   Thanks in advance
I would really like to see a report on my top 10 lifs by traffic, but, OCI does not seem to have a way to report this.   Any ideas about how to make t more
 Are there anyone that have experience regarding sizing of StorageGRID in bare metal servers running Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian)? I have re more
Today I realized I've been using PowerShell 7 and didn't even know it - Powershell was upgraded by Linux package manager and didn't even break SolidFi more
So with the announcement today of Global File cache when would I want to use this over a CDN or even a object store with global replication/ erasure c more
Hello Everyone,    I have a few E-X4048A-R6 drives that I installed into an array. The problem I'm having is that the DA is disabled.    Here is what more