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Hello everyone, I would like to know if it's possible to know who deleted a folder or a file with windows explorer (CIFS) on the NetApp. Is it possibl more
Unused ports produce alerts on the dashboard. How can I clear this as we have no intention of using those ports? We are running Clustered ontap 9.3P8 more
Hello All,   Can some one please provide me steps for creating NTFS and SMB shares in Netapp NAS.. if their is any document then please share.   thank more
I just implemented SnapCenter Exchange backups for our 4 node DAG. When backing up a database with the "Full + Logs" policy, the job completes and log more
Hello,I am planning to do certification,  i am already NCDA-7 Mode. Kindly guide which should i do first among the followings:a. NSO-502 NetApp Certif more
I need to find the space used by only a select group of volumes.  PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-NcVol | Where-Object { $_.State -eq 'offline'} |  ( ???? more
Hello Everyone, I want to get NFS share which are in Netapp, can some one please tell me the command through which I can find all NFS shares listed un more
What is the ONTAPI for "statistics" in cluster mode NetApp? I am unable to find the ONTAPI for "statistics" in NetApp Managebility SDK v. 9.5. Anybody more
I am working on powershell scripts for netapp to configure and verify against a baseline.  Is there a good Fourm for Questions and Contrubitions? For more
Greetings - I'm trying to reinstall Ontap 9.6P2 w/ADP on a FAS8200 with DS212C shelf w/12x8TB disk and a DS224C shelf w/24x2TB SAS disks.   The VAR di more