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So the other day, we received a replacement drive for our NetApp array as part of our warranty service. The invoice states that we have received a 600 more
Hi Guys,   We are using NetApp "SnapManager for Exchange" to take backup of our exchange environment. we intermittently facing issue on the debug log more
Hi All, just wanted to toss this to the community since support from netapp and microsoft have not been very helpful. We configured a full backup + lo more
Does this community have any feedback on the customer or partner tools offered by NetApp?
Hello All,   In order to be able to solve problems of data transfer with Dataontap 8.2.5, I installed a new grafana. I have the latest versions of gra more
Running a C-mode 9.3 cluster with many CIFS shares. I'm facing an issue with CIFS latency stats rising. I'm tracking the latency with Harvest/NaBOX/Gr more
I know this has been asked an answered several times but I am a bit new to storage and want to know what to expect. I am following the following Netap more
Guys, came across NaBOx about 1 month ago and was blown away. I cannot live without it now I see it has elastic and logstash in build. Does that mean more
Hello there first off all  i am new on netapp so bare with me. Here is the situation i got a Fas 2020 with CIFS share, As of windows 10  the old smb v more
Hi all,   I'm getting the following error message from my SnapMirror production volumes:   Transfer failed. (Checksum mismatch (Replication engine err more