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NetApp DS2246 question


Hello and excuse me if I ask this question in the wrong place.

I want to buy a Storage System to have more storage possibilities and data security.

I do not know at all in storage system but I learn quickly.

I have at home a rack made up of two HP servers (1x DL380 G5 and 1 DL380G7 (Soon to be replaced by a DL380 G9))

I also have an HP 3500yl-48G Switch.

As I told you above, I would need a Storage System and noticed the NetApp DS2246 with 2x IOM6.

For ease of use, before buying a San switch, I would like to go directly through the network.

Now is that possible?

My second question relates to the Hard Disk. Does the model accept Sata discs?

Sorry for my newbie questions and thank you in advance for your help.



the DS2246 is just a disk shelf, there's no storage controller in it.  


You would likely need to look at something like a FAS2720 or FAS2750.   


Reach out to your local netapp account team or partner.