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AFF8080 SNMP Fibre Channel monitoring




I hope someone can help me with this. We have an AFF8080 metrocluster and would like to monitor the system and connections through SNMP (Icinga-Nagios).

I have grabbed the netapp.MIB file through the SPI web page, have found most of the hardware objects that I would like monitored (nodes health, temp, psus, fans, shelves.) as well as the network connections (netportTable), and the aggregates.

But I can't find any usable objects related to the Fibre channel ports/connections (0e-0h and 1a-4b).


I can get their status through SSH and powershell (storage port, network fcp adapter, metrocluster interconnect adapter).

I have gone through blocks and tried all the fcp and initiator tables, I have tried with Fibre Channel and ISCSI MIBs that came with the different MIB browsers I could find but I still can't find any objects realated to the Fibre Channel, FCP and Metrocluster ports.

Does anybody know if there's anything related to them in SNMP?


Thank you,




Re: AFF8080 SNMP Fibre Channel monitoring


Strange..  the FCP and LUN items should be in the "blocks" group. MetroCluster-related info can be found in the "metrocluster" group.

Have you tried a MIB walk/dump to see what's there, overall?

Re: AFF8080 SNMP Fibre Channel monitoring


I get nothing in blocks (Oid and I can't see anything in a full walk about these ports...

Can you tell me what tables or objects I should look at ? (ideally with their oid's)

I don't see any Metrocluster group or objects either...

The MIB I got from the SPI is Version 2.5 (October 2015) and the nodes are Ontap v9.0P1 (updated in november 2016), any upgraded MIB available or is it the Ontap that must be upgraded ?


Re: AFF8080 SNMP Fibre Channel monitoring


I'd open a technical case to get additional formal assistance.


All of the latest MIBs are available on the NetApp Support Site:

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