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How to change FAS to AFF?

Hi All,


I perform a test for changing FAS to AFF.


So please let me know what options are needed.


I know that some loader options for FAS to AFF.


ex: flash optimized enable.




Re: How to change FAS to AFF?



If a supported FAS platform (FAS8040, FAS8060, FAS8080) is intended to be "converted" into an AFF platform, there are boot loader arguments that need to be set in order for the feature within ONTAP to be enabled. The following KB should help:

Note that the assumption here is to only enable All-Flash FAS optimizations but does not make any changes to root partitioning as if if was a net-new AFF environment.

If that is the desired end-result, this KB can help:

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Re: How to change FAS to AFF?

is it possible to mix FAS and AFF nodes in the same cluster?  

Re: How to change FAS to AFF?