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Migrate FAS to AFF


I am not sure if this question has been answered earlier. If it has been please assist me with the post in which it is answered.


I am migrating a switchless FAS 8040 cluster running Ontap 9.5 to a switchless AFF 220 cluster. The raw space on AFF 220 is less than that on the FAS 8040 considering the better space savings AFF gives with deduplication and compression. 

I have opted for SVM snapmirror to migrate the data, however the snapmirror initialization failed due to space unavailability on the AFF. I have broken the SVM relationship and have started storage efficiency operations on the AFF volumes.

The question I have is - If I resync the SVM snapmirror will it overwrite the efficiency options for the volumes? If yes,  then what is my best option to migrate the data from the FAS to AFF for a switchless cluster?


Re: Migrate FAS to AFF


Re: Migrate FAS to AFF


Forgot to add.  * and apply the storage eff as you move the volumes over.

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