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Migrating Data / Volumes to new AFF A300



I'm looking for case studies, procedures, best practices,etc on migrating my data from my FAS 8020 to our new AFF A300 SAN. I'd like something more robust than 'Robocopy' if possible.


Any help would be apprciated.



Re: Migrating Data / Volumes to new AFF A300

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 Hi there!


When migrating between storage systems, I've found the easiest approach is to consider your migration options from closest to the application, down to the bottom of the stack - storage.


For example, I'll usually take this approach at a high level when planning:


  • VMWare - Use Storage VMotion to move VMs to new storage
  • Exchange - Use DAG replication to add in new constituents on new storage and then evacuate old ones
  • iSCSI or FC attached LUNs - Volume manager replication and physical volume replacement (LVM, VxVM, Windows Dynamic Disk replication)
  • CIFS or NFS shares - We have a tool called XCP that can do very fast copies, enabling a quick cut-over
  • iSCSI or FC attached LUNs - Where no volume manager is available or where considerations dictate, we can perform Foreign LUN Import (FLI) to bring LUNs into the system, or we have professional services option for low outage cutovers using a rented DTA2800 appliance


However, since you're already on a NetApp system, if it's already on Clustered ONTAP, there is the option of upgrading the source system to the same version of ONTAP as the new system, joining the new system to the cluster, and just doing vol moves behind the scenes, and then LIF moves, and then remove the old nodes from the cluster. If it isn't already Clustered ONTAP (ie, it's 7-mode), we have the 7-Mode Transition Tool (7MTT), which can do structured moves of data across using snapmirror.


Hope this helps! Please feel free to post any followup questions.

Re: Migrating Data / Volumes to new AFF A300

Yes, it would be helpful to know what ONTAP version/mode the FAS8020 is running and what you intent to do with the FAS8020 after data migration.

Re: Migrating Data / Volumes to new AFF A300

THank you for the excellent response. Many of these options I hadn't considered but will look into. We are currently on Data Ontap 8.3.1 on the Clustered Source SAN; so using Storage Vmotion and Volume moves is a good thing to look at.



Re: Migrating Data / Volumes to new AFF A300

You're welcome! Just be aware that cluster expansion requires a NetApp CN1610 Cluster switch (or a Cisco Nexus 5596UP) - you may or may not have one already.


Good luck!