New TR Released: TR-4659: MongoDB Database on NetApp AFF8080



MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database used by companies of all sizes across all industries and for a wide variety of applications. These applications include business-critical operational applications for which low latency, high throughput, and continuous availability are crucial.

MongoDB is an agile database that uses a flexible document data model so that schemas can change quickly as applications evolve. This database combines the functionality that developers expect from traditional databases, such as secondary indexes, an expressive query language, and strong consistency, with the performance and agility of a NoSQL database.

MongoDB is built for scalability, performance, and high availability, scaling from single-server deployments to large, complex, multisite architectures. By leveraging in-memory computing,MongoDB provides high performance for both reads and writes. MongoDB’s native replication andautomated failover enable enterprise-grade reliability and operational flexibility. By deploying MongoDB on NetApp technology, you get consistent microsecond response, backup, and recovery from the cloud, helping you maintain the highest levels of performance and uptime. With the advanced fault recovery features and easy in-service growth capabilities of NetApp solutions, you can meet ever-changing business requirements.


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