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Altavault with GCP

Hello Chris,
I have some issue with GCP .. can anyone  help on this please .

Senario : 1) I have Netapp Altavault lab configured .
               2) Created an SMB share
              3) Google Cloud bucket able to sync data .
               4 Able to restore Data to Other Lab instance .. like DR setup.

Not What I am trying to do is .. Copy that data from one US GCP Bucket to ASIA GCP Bucket .. and what to test the DR .. When I load or do replication recovery I receive this error . Is my plan really achievable ? Please guide me to the right direction .







Re: Altavault with GCP

Hi Anwar,

AltaVault saves the cloud connection details of the cloud you connected to when you set the appliance up for the first time - this is then stored in the configuration you export and import. In this case, the US GCP location. Even though you've moved the data to the Asia GCP bucket location, AltaVault or the AltaVault you set up for DR will be attempting to connect to the US GCP location. It does not support connecting to a different location once it is initially set up. This likely means that there is a problem accessing the US GCP data location from the AltaVault you're using (in Asia?).


Unfortunately there is not a mechanism (via community support) to change the cloud target details once set. However, supported AltaVaults can engage f ormal NetApp support to address a cloud change mechanism like this depending on the setup (although it's highly unusual and considered on a case by case basis). Since you're doing this as a test, it's likely they won't support it. And in general, you should not have to move your data across geographies from a cloud provider perspective since your AltaVault can do that for you.




Re: Altavault with GCP

Thanks Chris ,


Realy appriciate your response , yes you are right , however my intention was to provide an GEO DR Solution useing an single Altavault .


As I understood correctly What you are suggestiong is , Use two diffrent altavault applience and try to create two diffrent replication ?



Re: Altavault with GCP


The intent of my comments was that your data is in the cloud. It shouldn't need to be replicated anywhere for geographical DR, and at this time AltaVault doesn't formally support that type of functional activity (accessing the data from a geo-replicated target, such as AP vs. US).


Data availability will be provided for by the cloud provider, so as long as you have a network link to the internet, you should be able to access it from anywhere. Given that, you then only need to bring the AltaVault to the DR location (geographically independent) to move the data back for restore. 




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