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Altavault 4.2 SMB subfolders have inheritance disabled


Hi, is anyone having issues running the new 4.2 firmware and finding that inheritance is getting automatically disabled when creating sub folders or multiple levels of sub folders?


Our SQL backups automaitcally create several levels of folder to organise each database and we are finding that only the service account which ran the backups then has access as inheritance is turned off. This doesn't happen when testing the same method to a windows file server share


Thanks in advance





This problem should be resolved under bug 1020202, fixed in 4.2.1 which was released today.  If this does not resolve your issue please open a Support ticket and we can help investigate further.


As mentioned, v4.2.1 does a better job of the permissions.  However I have found there is still a process to get the share/NTFS permissions to stay as intended.


Make sure there is an “administrator” account created.  If not create it.


  • Select Add SMB Share
  • Enter the share name required
  • No Options should be selected
  • Local path = share name
  • Leave “Allow Everyone Access” and Add
    • Add the local administrator account
  • After the share is created on the AVA, map a drive to the new share.
  • Edit permissions on the share to do the following
    • Under Advanced, set ownership of the file to s_nbu
    • Apply and exit the Permissions.
    • Go back into Permissions, choose Advanced, and remove inherited permissions.
    • Back one screen and then choose Edit to add storage_admin AD group (and any others needed).
    • Remove Everyone and S-1-x; set Full control to storage_admin.
    • (Note that until you complete the last step below Everyone and S-1-x will still appear in the list).
  • Go back to the AVA GUI and remove Everyone and administrator from the share.