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Automation, Orchestration and NetApp HCI


Back at Insight 2017, NetApp was demoing recently acquired Qstack(Greenqloud acquisition) branded as NetApp Cloud Orchestrator.  

I was really excited about the possibilities of where I believed NetApp was headed with this product.

And after long periods of little or now coverage on further development other than the Azure NFS announcement I thought I'd go to the community streets and see what might be on the roadmap if anything.

At a Hybrid Cloud conference in Mountain View last month Dave was one of the featured speakers and I had the chance to ask him directly what happened to this product.

His reply somewhat stunned me; the acquistion was primarily in support of the Azure NFS announcement, and I thought, is that it?


I'd been hoping, with the announcement of HCI we'd eventually see a full stack private cloud in a box (network,compute,storage), infrastructure offering with NetApp Cloud Orchestrator as the automation tool similar to what Cloudistics has done.


Does anyone know if anything like this is even being discussed and its just hush-hush, like HCI was until the last minute?

I trust Dave's response is the factual reality but I'm hoping for something other that! Smiley Wink