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Cloud Backup (AltaVault) 4.4.1 now has NetApp support for AVA-c models


Great news! With the release of 4.4.1, Cloud Backup (AltaVault) users of AVA-c instances in AWS and Azure now have formal support for their instances from NetApp support.


From the 4.4.1 release notes:

For Amazon Machine Images (AMI), AltaVault is available in the AVA-c4, AVA-c8, and AVA-c16 models. For Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine (AVM), AltaVault is available in the AVA-c4 model.
Models vary by local storage capacity, which ranges from 4 TB to 16 TB.


If you encounter issues with your Cloud Backup instance at 4.4.1, you may now open cases with NetApp support. Please refer to the AltaVault administration guide, chapter 9, section "Activating support for AltaVault cloud-based appliances" for details on activiating support.


The NetApp community will continue to support AVA-c activity for versions lower than this release, although all users are recommended to come up to the latest release for up to date compatibility, performance, security and stability fixes.