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Data Recovery in Cloud


Hello Everybody!


Is there any possible method to recover data in Cloud? Actually, I need a practical way out, I read so many blogs and guides on Google but couldn't do it successfully. Please help!





Hello Marc,



Yes, NetApp offers several practical ways to replicate and recover data in the cloud.  Without knowing your specific use case, I can think of several products and solutions we have for making your data available in the Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, and others).  A quick list of options NetApp has are as follows:


  • ONTAP Cloud - A virtualized version of NetApp's #1 Storage Operating system running in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and will be available in Azure in a couple of weeks
  • NetApp Private Storage (NPS) - NetApp's Storage systems located in a colocation faciltiy next to the Public cloud, but not in it.
  • AltaVault - NetApp's backup/recovery or Archive appliance that can push your data to almost any cloud public or private... and also enables you to recover your data in the cloud if you so choose.
  • Cloud Sync - NetApp's new data service that allows you to synchronize your NFS data to an Amazon S3 bucket... and also enables you to synchronize the data from that S3 bucket to an NFS server that can be running in the cloud


If you're already a NetApp customer using NetApp storage systems, then you are able to replicate to an ONTAP Cloud or an NPS system easily and efficiently.  After the initial baseline, it's incrementals forever where you're only sending the changes.  Better yet, if you need to replicate back out of the cloud, you don't need to send everything.  You'd just send the thin provisioned and deduplicated changes back to the primary storage system, thus saving time and money.



The AltaVault and Cloud Sync offerings can work well with NetApp as well as any other storage vendor.  AltaVault integrates with many different enterprise back software applications as well as almost all public and private cloud offerings.  Cloud Sync will work with an NFS server from any vendor to synchronize the selected file system with an Amazon S3 bucket.  Cloud Sync will also only need to do the initial baseline once, and then will only need to send the changes upon the next synchronization schedule.



Not fully knowing your use case I'm not sure which offering would be best for you.  With this in mind, I would like to point you at a great source of information:  Here you can find out a lot more about all of NetApp's cloud offerings, as well as informational videos.



Hopefully this helps.