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Problem activating backup in BlueXP


We have an AWS ONTAP file system, SnapCenter on EC2 + BlueXP Connector on EC2 in AWS


BlueXP sees  our AWS ONTAP "Estate" and SnapCenter machine and I was able to discover and add our 2 file systems to the Canvas.  When you open the file systems you can drill down to volumes and everything looks as it should.  If I go to Applications, I can see the SQL databases that are being protected by SnapCenter and they are marked as Unprotected which seems correct from the guides I have been following.


The problem is that when I try to activate a DB backup and assign a policy in the Application tab, I get the attached error.  If I attempt to add the SVM IP and name/credentials I get the error below.  I'm using the default vsadmin account created during the AWS build.


In the setup procedure documents I followed, no one else was prompted to add devices that were already in their working environment.


An error occurred while adding the working environment.
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{ "error": { "message": "not authorized for that command", "code": "6" } }