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Altavault with AWS Direct Connect


Hi All,

We have an Altavault AVA-400 and would like to utilise the company's direct connect circuit to perform the replication.

We have a private virtual interface configured and active but we are unable to make a connection to the AWS S3 Bucket with errors in the log stating 'no route to host'

Does anyone have experience of using direct connect with AWS S3 storage?







Not personally, but have you started with the basics? Using the built in ping command to try pinging the bucket from the altavault and see what happens.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply - I believe that it is a network related issue as although DNS is resolving the pings are failing - thereforeI was wondering if other people had used an AWS connection with Altavault before (i.e. this is probably not an Altavault related issue directly - unless there is some peculiarity about how it needs to be configured to work with a direct connection or some routing oddities)

Also should mention the AVA is running the latest code.








I might be wrong here, but as far as I understand, DirectConnect is tied to a VPC and S3 resides outside a specific VPC.

When you will direct data from DirectConnect to S3 it will use the VPC outbound internet (if exists) to get to S3, and if you don't have an outbound internet or wish to use the more secure way of PrivateEndPoint you will need to create the route for that using a proxy in the VPC.