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Access requirements for ANF


If you have setup collector for Azure NetApp files already I hope you can help me.


I am afraid the page Configuring the Azure NetApp Files data collector | NetApp Cloud Docs does not detail what role should be granted to the service principle or at what object the access should be granted on [subs, resource group, netapp account, capacity pool etc.] etc. Maybe this information is published somewhere else - if you know what that is please let me know!


I've tried granting "Monitoring Reader" or "Owner" to the ANF account or capacity pool, but it failed discovery with status {Performance failed} and Performance Recent Status  {Unexpected data retrieved: No ANF volumes detected in Foundation Poll .No Performance data to report.}


Any idea on what object should access be granted within Azure for ANF? and Also what role is required for Cloud Insights to succeed with discovery/polling?



Re: Access requirements for ANF


Hi, it should be Reader for the service principal for all subscriptions you want to collect from.

Re: Access requirements for ANF




I got a response from NetApp thanks to our Enterprise Solutions Engineer and the advice was "The credentials your ANF data collector are using must not have access to any Azure subscriptions that contain ANF volumes."


In the end, access was granted on a resource group level but we had to grant contributor access because discovery was failing with status {Performance failed} when using Reader only.

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