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Cloud Insight Isilon Data Collector Error




I am getting this error while add a data collector for Isilon in Cloud Insight.

"Internal Error: Could not initialize class sun.nio.fs.LinuxNativeDispatcher


Can someone please suggest what is the root cause of this error and its resolution.




Re: Cloud Insight Isilon Data Collector Error


Hello Sujata,


I believe you have hit a rare bug which involves our Acquisition Unit code, and a Linux file system layout that involves symlinks, causing this class loading problem.


In the short term, I would recommend that you don't either restart the AU service/daemon, or reboot the AU host.


I believe this issue is going to be fixed in an upcoming AU release, but I cannot remember when we think that is going out, so I will look into that for you



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Re: Cloud Insight Isilon Data Collector Error


Thank you Matt.


Just another quick question,  bug may have hit because customer created a big FS of 100 GB instead of 2 - 50  GB ones.


From Install Guide:

50 GB
For Linux, disk space should be allocated in this manner:
/opt/netapp 25 GB
/var/log/netapp 25 GB



Re: Cloud Insight Isilon Data Collector Error


A big FS is fine, and will cause no harm. We are going to change the recommended 50/50 % ratio split to a 20/80% ratio split, if we have no done so already - the logging needs more space than the binary location.


I see that your tenant has had an entirely new AU created, and it must be with a different file system layout as I see your AU's Isilon collector is collecting happily.


Within the last hour, we have assigned a new AU build to your CI tenant, so that if you were to add another AU with the original symlink problem, you would NOT experience that pain. Also, your "new" AU has already self-upgraded to this new AU build

Re: Cloud Insight Isilon Data Collector Error


Great. I am very impressed with help I got on NetaApp Community Channel.


Yes I asked engineer yday to dismantle the FS and create as recommended in the online guide for AU install.


And he was able to add iSilon collector as well.


Thank you.

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