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E-series won't connect



we've got our SGW, ONTAP and VMware configured in Cloud Insights, unfortunatly our E-series is not able to connect somehow.

Configured two Data-collectors for two subnet's, both won't work with E-series.

It gives a "Failed to connect to device" error on both collectors.

It's the only hardware that has issues, all other is working fine.

Anyone any tips on howto troubleshoot this?


Must say it's the first tool where it all comes together, Cloud Insights makes a lot visible in your environment.



Re: E-series won't connect

The Cloud Insights E-Series data collector is using the old SYMBOL API, which listens on I believe TCP port 2463.


Is there a firewall between the Cloud Insights' Acquisition Unit and the E-series arrays blocking that port?


Could the E-Series arrays have ...restOnly set to True? See the link below...

Re: E-series won't connect

Hi, thanks for the reply, settings on E-series are correct, verified with support.

Still an "inventory failed" error on both E-series, is it true that no credentials are required to add the E-series to the dashboard?

Re: E-series won't connect


good news, after patching the datasources by the CI team also E-series working and data-collectors now polling data.

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