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I am planning to migrate our SnapCenter VMware Plug-In 4.1.1 to the Data Broker 1.0.1 sometime tomorrow. The PowerShell command listed is:


invoke-SCVOVAMigration -SourceSCVHost old-SCV-host-IP
-DestinationSCVOVAHost new-OVA-IP -OVACredential OVA-credentials
-ByPassValidationCheck -Overwrite -ContinueMigrationOnStorageError
-ScheduleOffsetTime time-offset


For the most part this seems straightforward, however I can find no explanation for the "ScheduleOffsetTime" switch. What does this mean? Syntax indicates we are to enter a time-offset but I don't know what that should be. Any ideas?


Re: Data Broker Migration Question


The Snapcenter 4.2 Cmdlet Reference Guide has you covered! From page 211: 


Use this parameter if the source SCV host and the
destination NDB host are in different time zones. Value
should be a positive or negative time offset to adjust
scheduled backup run times. Specify time difference in
the format hh:mm:ss, such as 06:00:00, or -06:00:00 for
a negative value.


It is not a required parameter, so if that doesn't apply to your situation, then it can be ommited from the command. 


EDIT: if you run "Get-Help Invoke-SCVOVAMigration -full", it will show you all of the parameters and their descriptions (and whether they are required or have default values, etc.)  

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Re: Data Broker Migration Question


Wow that was quick @donny_lang ! Thank you! I didn't even notice the cmdlet guide, I will have to look through that!

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