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NDMP Solution

NDMP Copy Command is run via root user only or else we have to create the new ndmmp user and generate the password for the same.


Process is mentioned in the below link:-







  1. Enable NDMP:
    netapp> ndmpd on
  2. Create a new user specifically for NDMP:
    netapp*> useradmin user add ndmp -g "Backup Operators"
    New password: XXXXXXXXX
    Retype new password: XXXXXXXXX
    User <ndmp> added.
  3. Non-root users have a special NDMP password that is different from their login password and is displayed by this command:
    netapp> ndmpd password ndmp
    password MzUV5p6R
  4. Set NDMP to accept both plaintext and md5 authentication requests:
    netapp> options ndmpd.authtype plaintext,challenge


Further pls refer attached link.





SUnil Rawat




Re: NDMP Solution

are you trying to setup ndmp for backup or just use ndmp for a copy from lets say a snapshot?



Re: NDMP Solution

I want to copy data from one filer to another filer.




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