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Restoring from NDMP


I have a customer that is having trouble restoring from an NDMP backup.  Can anyone provide suggestions or reference docs that are exactly relevant to this problem?  Let me know if we need additional information from the customer.  Thanks!


From customer...

"I have a question that maybe you can help point me in the right direction with.  I am doing some testing, and backing up a LUN on our NetApp using Netbackup NDMP.  What I would like to do is restore that LUN to a different volume on the NetApp and be able to mount it.  The restore seems to run fine, but the NetApp does not see the LUN as a real LUN, just a single big file. 
Do you know if there is there a way to do this restore and have NetApp recognize it as a LUN?  I know the easiest way would probably be to snap or clone the LUN, but I wanted to test out the NDMP backup/restore to different location process using Netbackup without restoring and overwriting the original LUN data.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I haven't been able to find out too much information that's worked so far from the NetApp & Symantec websites."


Re: Restoring from NDMP


Hi there,

Did you look into this?

This is very relevant as NetBackup is shown in the example restoring a LUN to a different location

One obvious hint from there:

"It must be restored to the root of a volume or qtree.  If it is restored anywhere else, it will simply show up as a file and lose the metadata allowing it to be recognized as a LUN."


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Re: Restoring from NDMP


LUN need to be restored to root of volume or qtree otherwise it loose metadata that allow it to be recognised as a LUN.

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