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SDW 6.1 on W2K3SP2 giving ERROR 1923 ??


I'm trying to install SDW 6,1 on W2K3SP2 with .NET 3.5SP1, .NET 3.0SP3 and .NET 2.0SP2 installed. I've created the service account as a local user with local admin privileges. Still, we get:

Error 1923. Service SnapDrive (Swsvc) could not be installed. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services and check you Event Log for more information.

The event log doesn't supply more information on the cause.

We've tried installing using a domain account that is part of the Administrators group and also as Administrator, but we continue getting this error.

This happens on two W2K3SP2 VM's we've trying to use.

We've already checked, but as we do have the latest .NET SP's installed, I am assuming this is not applicable.

Any help would be appreciated.



Re: SDW 6.1 on W2K3SP2 giving ERROR 1923 ??


I faced this issue several times. Each time there was a different solution.

Make sure that:

     - all necessary services are enabled and started as stated here:

     - you entered all hostnames using the fqdns and all users using domain\user notation

     - double check that sp1 of .net3.0 is installed

I hope that helps...



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Re: SDW 6.1 on W2K3SP2 giving ERROR 1923 ??

Thanks for the feedback. We will investigate these solutions and get back with the results.


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Re: SDW 6.1 on W2K3SP2 giving ERROR 1923 ??

The error went away after installing SnapDrive using the DOMAIN\snapdrivesvc account name instead of just snapdrivesvc.

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