SMO High Level Presentation?

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Hi all,
I was hoping that someone (Neto...) has a high level presentation already put together on SMO 3...


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Re: SMO High Level Presentation?

Hey Matt!

Go to the field portal ( and search for "SnapManager for Oracle".  Under the results set select "Customer Presentation (Business Value)" and look for the SMO 3 link.  This is the high level preso that Marketing put togehter.

If this isn't what you're looking for, let me know more details about what you want.



Re: SMO High Level Presentation?


The presentation mentioned on the Field Portal is a good presentation. But I also wanted to make sure you and the rest of the community is aware of the NOW resources for SnapManager for Oracle. What we have are:

1)      1) TR’s (Technical Reports). There are three most important TR’s are:

a.  TR-3761:

b.  TR-3712:

c.  TR-3787:

          2) An important CSB for SMO 2.1:


          3) EoA for SnapValidator for Oracle:


          4) White Paper:

          James Brigman

          Technical Content Developer

          NetApp GSLP Team