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SnapDrive Support?


I have not been able to find any official announcements from Netapp on the state of SnapDrive. It appears that SnapDrive is no longer listed as compatible with the newer version of ONTAP. Is the expectation that everything should be migrated to SnapCenter for the provisioning and administration of LUNs going forward?


We still have a number of servers with SnapDrive on them, and I'm wondering if I need to convert these over to SnapCenter. What's the process for doing this? Uninstall SnapDrive, then install SnapCenter? Vice versa? I can't find any guidance from Netapp on this.


Re: SnapDrive Support?




For those SnapManager Products which are still under support with the latest Ontap OS would allow the usage of SnapDrive as a bundled product. However, If you are using SnapDrive as standalone product for storage provisiong and snapshot management then you will be required to transition to SnapCenter.

This thread covers information around the similar uery:


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