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SnapDrive and NFS

We currently have all our VMDKs sitting on NFS volumes and would like to be able to use SnapManager for Exchange.  (we do not have FC or iSCSI at all) 

Is this possible? 

When I installed SnapDrive and proceed to create some virtual LUNs, it looks for a FC initiator...  if it is possible to do this without FC can someone explain this process please?



SnapDrive and NFS

There is no support for SME over NFS.  For SMSQL there is support with this when running SnapDrive 6.3.1 and SnapManager SQL 5.1.  I don't remember the exact reason for SQL and not Exchange but it was something to do with VSS differences and why it isn't supported for SME yet.

SnapDrive and NFS

>> if it is possible to do this without FC

You should be able to use iSCSI initiator. IF you even have iscsi software initiator you can open microsoft iscsi initiator from start menu, add your filer to portal address, connect or login in the initiator. From SDW under initiators it will show up this initiator. You should be able to use that to create LUN. (Did you try this?)



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Re: SnapDrive and NFS

Sadly it would seem not, just been reading the vmware/netapp best practice guide for an installation and SnapDrive connection to NFS datastores is not support (this is the guide

I would think you would have to provision separate LUNS within the array and connect to them using SnapDrive (would always use Snapdrive for all the benefits, rather than just initiator)

Hope that helps, although not ideal!

SnapDrive and NFS

So, I just used the iSCSI initiator and was able to create a LUN and add it to the host (prooving that the iSCSI initator does work), however, I am not able to manage this LUN using SnapDrive.

When I open SnapDrive and try to connect to the LUN I have already created I get to the point where it asks for the initiator, and the iSCSI initiator is not shown on there.  it only shows a FC initiator (which is not active/setup/configured) and I am unable to select/use it.

So I guess my next question is how to I make the iSCSI initiator (which I have verified is working) show up in SnapDrive?

Re: SnapDrive and NFS

What version of Windows Server, SnapDrive and ISCSI initiator…

If the initiator works, then you should be able to get snapdrive running ontop…as I assume you are pointing the initiator at a LUN on a volume.

The only time I’ve seen that kind of thing is when the initiator and snapdrive are not talking properly

Sometime restarting snapdrive one the initiator is active can do it…sometimes a reboot…sometimes a snapdrive re-install…don’t have an exact answer on this sadly…but I have seen it before…

Re: SnapDrive and NFS

I was able to restart the SnapDrive services and then it showed up.  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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