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ndmp copy




I want to copy dept_test from hq-fas3250-p-1 to  dr-fas3140a in path :/vol/vol_test and ran the below mentioned command but command failed pls suggest



hq-fas3250-p-1> ndmpcopy -da aa-x-srawat:PASSWORD /vol/dept_test dr-fas3140a:/vol/vol_test

Ndmpcopy: Starting copy [ 17 ] ...

Ndmpcopy: hq-fas3250-p-1: Notify: Connection established

Ndmpcopy: dr-fas3140a: Notify: Connection established

Ndmpcopy: Authentication failed for destination

Ndmpcopy: hq-fas3250-p-1: Connect: Authentication successful

Ndmpcopy: Done






Sunil Rawat


Re: ndmp copy


I have checked the destination password which is also right.


Able to copy file in same host.


but not able to ndmpcopy file to different host

Re: ndmp copy


You have to give both source and destinations authuntication on that command. Please find the below command for example.


ndmpcopy [-sa <username>:<password>] [-da <username>:<password>] <source> <destination>

Re: ndmp copy


I have tried it. Please find the below output and screenshots.


fas02> ndmpcopy -sa root:Netapp1! -da root:Netapp1! fas01:/vol/vol1 fas02:/vol/vol1
Ndmpcopy: Starting copy [ 1 ] ...
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Notify: Connection established
Ndmpcopy: fas02: Notify: Connection established
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Connect: Authentication successful
Ndmpcopy: fas02: Connect: Authentication successful
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP: creating "/vol/vol1/../snapshot_for_backup.1" snapshot.
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP: Using Full Volume Dump
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP: Date of this level 0 dump: Mon Apr 25 10:52:46 2016.
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP: Date of last level 0 dump: the epoch.
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP: Dumping /vol/vol1 to NDMP connection
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP: mapping (Pass I)[regular files]
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP: mapping (Pass II)[directories]
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP: estimated 323 KB.
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP: dumping (Pass III) [directories]
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP: dumping (Pass IV) [regular files]
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: ACL_START is '337920'
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP: dumping (Pass V) [ACLs]
Ndmpcopy: fas02: Log: RESTORE: Mon Apr 25 10:52:47 2016: Begin level 0 restore
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP: 333 KB
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP: DUMP IS DONE
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP: Deleting "/vol/vol1/../snapshot_for_backup.1" snapshot.
Ndmpcopy: fas02: Log: RESTORE: Mon Apr 25 10:52:47 2016: Reading directories from the backup
Ndmpcopy: fas02: Log: RESTORE: Mon Apr 25 10:52:47 2016: Creating files and directories.
Ndmpcopy: fas02: Log: RESTORE: Mon Apr 25 10:52:47 2016: Writing data to files.
Ndmpcopy: fas02: Log: RESTORE: Mon Apr 25 10:52:47 2016: Restoring NT ACLs.
Ndmpcopy: fas02: Log: RESTORE: RESTORE IS DONE
Ndmpcopy: fas02: Notify: restore successful
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Log: DUMP_DATE is '5756548862'
Ndmpcopy: fas01: Notify: dump successful
Ndmpcopy: Transfer successful [ 0 hours, 0 minutes, 5 seconds ]
Ndmpcopy: Done


I have created a volume vol1 on fas01. I have created cifs share called share1 on fas:/vol/vol1. Similarly i have created share1 on fas02:/vol/vol1. I have plaed a file on fas01:/vol/vol1 and copied to fas02:/vol/vol1 using ndmpcopy. Please find the attached screenshots for outputs.


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Re: ndmp copy


Tried the user name for both source and destination but facing the same source authentication error when i delete the source  then it prompt the destination authentication error and when i deltee both source and destinatin id in the filer then i am aable to ndmpcopy in the same filer. Please note down that i have taken the above steps in same filer.






Re: ndmp copy


If you are doing ndmpcopy in the same filer you don't need any authentication. You can directly run the ndmpcopy command.


ndmpcopy fas01:/vol/vol1 fas02:/vol/vol1 


The above command is enough.


Note : Please use root account and root password only.

Re: ndmp copy




The KB "How to use NDMP-based copy utilities (such as ndmpcopy) to copy data between the same or different modes of Data ONTAP" uses:

For 7-Mode:

Step 1: Enable NDMP and set a password on the source and destination storage systems.

  1. Enable NDMP:
    netapp> ndmpd on
  2. Create a new user specifically for NDMP:
    netapp*> useradmin user add ndmp -g "Backup Operators"
    New password: XXXXXXXXX
    Retype new password: XXXXXXXXX
    User <ndmp> added.
  3. Non-root users have a special NDMP password that is different from their login password and is displayed by this command:
    netapp> ndmpd password ndmp
    password MzUV5p6R
  4. Set NDMP to accept both plaintext and md5 authentication requests:
    netapp> options ndmpd.authtype plaintext,challenge

Step 2: Determine the arguments for your NDMP based copy

For 7-Mode:
Authentication Type: Can be encrypted (called challenge or md5) or clear text (called text or clear-text);  md5 / challenge is recommended
Hostname or IP: Hostname or IP address of the storage controller
Path: Path in the format /vol/volume (or /vol/volume/qtree or /vol/volume/qtree/file)


If running the Data ONTAP 7-Mode ndmpcopy command
Build a command line:
ndmpcopy -d -sa <source_user>:<source_pass> -st <auth_type> -da <dest_user>:<dest_pass> -dt <auth_type> <hostname_or_IP>:<source_path> <hostname_or_IP>:<dest_path>

Example syntax for a 7-Mode to 7-Mode NDMP-based copy by running the ndmpcopy command:
netapp> ndmpcopy -d -sa ndmp:v0smhhqZ -st md5 -da ndmp:v0smhhqZ -dt md5

Hope this helps.

Kind regards

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