Data Backup and Recovery

After I move SQL database to LUN with SnapManager will MozyPro VSS work?


Currently on our physical SQL Server we use MozyPro to create a backup with Microsoft's SQL VSS and upload the changes (and only the changes) to MozyPro servers for additional off-site backup coverage.

We are about to move this database to a new virtualized SQL Server 2008 R2 installation where the database, logs, tempdb and snapinfo will be on separate LUNs and Volumes. Will MozyPro be able to coexist with the SnapManager solution?



Interesting question.

I don't know whether it is officially supported, but it may work with few caveats:

- Mozy service may or may not conflict with NetApp services - probably requires testing

- both backup tools use VSS, so backup jobs definitely should not overlap

- To maintain SQL log chain, only one of the applications should truncate the logs, whilst the other runs backup with COPY ONLY option (no log truncation, definitely doable with SnapManager for SQL)