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Backup SharePoint using SMSP



I really need your help. I have Just installed Snap manager for Sharepoint (ver 6.1) and for SQL server (ver 5.2). I have configured both application as per Netapp Document.But when i start the full backup it take very long time with 0% progress.



Can you provide some information about about the farm that you are backing up? Number and size of content databases, number of WFE, etc. Is the farm in a DMZ?

Also, please provide information about your backup plan such as your restore granularity options, number of content databases, WFEs, being included in the backup plan.

Please make sure that the SMSP service account has farm administration rights, local administation rights on the WFE servers, and that that service account has a sysadmin role in SQL.

You can take a look at the SMSQL backup report to see if the backups are actually completing.

Finally, what are you considering a "very long time" with 0% backup?



Thank you Mark for your attention. I have reconfigured
everything it's working now but i still have some problems. When i do the
backup job it succeed with warning. So I went through the log noticed that some
majors databases are not being backed up. Then I have reported that to NetApp
technical engineer. He informed me that there is a bug in the application the
bug number is 541974 and backup is failing because SMSQL backup is attempted to
read or write to protected memory.


Do you have anysolution for that? .

my environment consist of 3 Web front end application with load balance configured and 3 SQL servers back end with cluster configuration.


Mohammed Gori



An potential workaround may be to downgrade SMSQL to 5.1P2.

I suggest that you discuss this option with your NetApp Support Engineer and also refer to the NetApp Interoperability Matrix,, to ensure that your environment will support a downgrade.



I'll try that. Thank you Mark.