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Backup of DAG w/ SME


I need some other person's 2 cent here... I have 2 EX2010 physical servers in a DAG, SME and NetApp LUNs on both. Now I am starting to have a problem with the backup window not having enough time to finish outside working hours.

When the 2 backup jobs hit each other, where the end of one job doesn't complete before the other one has started, one of the backups fail. If I have the backup running during working hours, it slow e.g. mailbox moves to an unbearable slowness(1-5MB a minute...)

Is it really necessary to run the backup on both nodes?




Since you are using the DAG funcationality, you can offload the backup to one node to avoid any performance impact and also utilize the Copy backup feature in SME 6.0.2.

Also refer


Please let me know if you have any further questions.