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Backup2Tape from NetApp with Commvault


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We want to backup volumes from our secondary NetApp (ONTAP) to tape controlled by Commvault. It should only backup the last monthly snapshot from snapvault to tape. This works when we add the complete path (/svm_name/volume_name/.snapshot/snap_date_time__monthly) in the content of the subclient from Commvault.


Our problem is that we have a lot of volumes which also have a lot of snapshots and therefore the above-mentioned solution is very error-prone, when this is done by a backup-administrator. So we are searching for a solution, which automatically selects the last monthly snapshot. (If it possible new volumes should be added automatically to the subclient.)


We wanted to solve this over wildcards in the content of the subclient with path like this /svm_name/**/.snapshot/*__monthly but this does not work. And we receive the following message from commvault: “Error Code: [39:368] Description: Invalid subclient content [/svm_name/**/.snapshot/*_monthly]. Wildcards are only supported for selecting at the volume or file system level. Source: hostname, Process: NasBackup”


In addition you can not create an additional snapshot over Commvault on the secondary NetApp from the volumes. Because the volumes are from snapvault and these are protectet by DP (data protection) from NetApp.


Further we can not replace our whole NetApp backup tools and rebuild our entire backup environment on Commvault.


Has some an idea how we can solve this use case with Commvault?

How would you write the monthly snapshot to tape?






possible to write a script to capture all these names into a file and run command line on commvault with these names to backup?

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Thanks for the answer.


That is what we have now also addressed, since there is no solution within CommVault.


At the time we clone the volumes of a particular snapshot with a prebackup script, add _cv at the end of the volumename and backup it over a subclient with content wildcard like «/svm_name/*_cv».