Data Backup and Recovery

Basic products for database backup and cloning


Hi there,


I have been looking for some clear and simple answers from the experts. We are going to built a dev/test environment where we will use NetApp storage for Oracle database, and we would like to achieve the following things -


1. Need to snapshot and make new database copies (full copy, not clone)

2. Need to snapshot and make clones

3. Replace RMAN backups with NetApp equivalents


We are going to buy FAS 3200 NetApp appliance. We will not have any DR/secondary appliance in dev environment, just a main. This is just a dev and test environment before we do anything similar in production environment.


So, what are the NetApp software products needed to achieve the above three things? I guess we need SnapManager for Oracle. What else do we need? Please help.


Thanks a lot.





This document should help you



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Thanks for the reference doc.