Data Backup and Recovery

Best practice resource group or normal backup job



what would i do with sql backup.I have sap server for quality sapq1,sapq2 and production sapp1,sapp2. All 4 servers have sepperatly volumes. 

all for servers should be backup on the same time at 2 o clock full db

i create a resource group quality which include sapq1 and sapq2 and resource group production which include sapp1 and sapp2.


but its this ok? Or should i make 4 seperate job each server one job.

seperrate job means that i can also make backup only of one server. But on another side at 2?o clock 4 jobs started normally by rg only 2


what is there best practice?



You can solve this using resource groups, as long as you do not need any server individual pre/post scriptings or server individual parameter.
I use post-scripting for truncating db2 archivelogs. Therfor I need the db-name as a parameter on each server.

(/.../.../ <dbname> )

I can not do this using the resource group solution.