Data Backup and Recovery

Best way to backup SQL on Flexpod


I have a Netapp Flexpod. The virtualization platform is VMware and it connects to NFS datastores on the Netapp server. I have been using SQL backups to backup the data, but that seems an inefficient use of disk space. We use to use Snap Manager for SQL back when we used iSCSI. My question is what is the best way to backup the SQL data in my current situation.




What version of VMware, ONTAP & MS SQL do you have?


Vmware 6.0, Ontap 9.1, I have SQL 2012, and 2014



In this case, you have few options here:


With NetApp's B&R SW like VSC, SnapCenter or even SnapCreator (if you do not have licenses for SnapCenter/SnapManager) in next configuration:

  • iSCSI LUNs connected directly to the guest system by the iSCSI initiator (Full capabilities of SnapCenter, you'll get the most granularity & functionality here). SQL 2008-2017 Supported
  • VMFS or NFS datastores with NetApp Virtual Storage Console (You backup, restore & clone Full VM)

Data layout you’ll found here.


VVOLs with NetApp VASA Provider (Require minimum FlexClone license on ONTAP)

  • On top of SAN or NFS protocol (You backup, restore & clone Full VM)