Data Backup and Recovery

Caché DB back up with Snap Creator


Dear Community,


I would like to back up Caché DB with Snap Creator.  I am going to use the following version of Caché -> 2018.1.


For this job there is a plugin to be found via It looks like the plug in has been written for Caché version 1. Could it be compatible with 2018.1?


On the other hand I have tried to find TR-3987: Snap Creator Framework Plug-In for InterSystems Caché, but unfortunately without success. Is there a way to receive this document? Are there other TRs  I could use regarding this topic.


In case a new plugin is needed could we find a way to provide it and who should be contacted? 


Many thanks advance for your cooperation.



Anastas Nikolov





The Cache plugin is one of our community plugins, meaning that someone outside of the Snap Creator team created this plugin. The Snap Creator team does not qualify or support this plugin.

If there has been a change to Cache that keeps the plugin from working then a new version of the plugin may need to be created.  This would require someone in the community to update the plugin.


Sorry I don't have more details.

You may be able to contact your account team and see if there is any way they can file a PVR or something similar to get the plugin updated.