Data Backup and Recovery

Can SharePoint farm be recovered from a snapshot?


Hi all,

We have a SharePoint 2013 farm which is set up in VMWare. In one volume, all vmdk files of farm servers and SMSP servers are in one NFS, together with all the database LUNs and search index LUNs. We use SMSP 8.1 to do platform backup. There are two snapshots are taken when the backup runs. The second one is the SQL database backup which is managed by SnapManager for SQL.

Is it possible to recover the whole farm from this SQL snapshot?

My thought is to shutdown all SharePoint servers and SMSP servers, remove them from VMWare inventory, remove RDM LUNs from VMWare storage adapter.  Restore vol from the last good snapshot. Add all these servers back to VMWare inventory, and add all RDM LUNs back to VMWare storage adapter.

What's the risk of doing the steps above? Will it recover the SharePoint farm?

Thank you very much in advance.



SMSP can do a farm level restore.  Why not use it to do the recovery?  It will automate all of the sharepoint pieces using snapshot backups and cloning.