Data Backup and Recovery

Can SnapCenter with Oracle Plugin back up and restore DB to AWS S3?


either in the case of Oracle running on-prem, or running on AWS EC2?


Thanks for you advice in advance.



It's a great question, I have no idea how this works in the cloud but I am trying to start some conversation here. I am using generic term 'database' here instead of specific oracle plugin.  Hopefully, NetApp Cloud Gurus will chip in.


Considering the database Backups (Application consistent) : It has to be consistent volume block level. So, the primary backup has to be on either on-premise ONTAP system or CLOUD EC2/EBS/CVO (Primary Backup) and then perhaps you can vault the 'application consistent volume level' snapshot to Object-storage/S3 (Secondary Copy). I am guessing, this seems straightforward and should be doable with Snap Center. When it comes to restore, obviously depends upon the how far back you are restoring from  i.e either Primary EBS/CVO or secondary S3. I am guessing, if the files/data is needed from the S3 backup, then it must be restored to the Primary(Premise/CLOUD) and then bring the db up. Just as we use to do with normal vaulted backups, just my thoughts....


Something related I found: (Hope it makes sense)

Are there documents that can fully explain how SnapCenter or it's plugins can back up databases to a object storage as a backup target, and restore them from the object storage?

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