Data Backup and Recovery

Can i use SMO for our Oracle ERP R12.0.6 running on single node architecture?



We have in our data center NetApp FAS2050 since 18 months which is divided in two filers 01 & 02 with two contollers with 7.5 TB usable space. I am keeping backups and 7 ERP clone instances in our both filers. Until now, we do not have license for SMO. Can i use SMO for our Oracle ERP R 12.0.6 instances? Our production ERP instance size is 275 GB. Can i take snapshots using SMO each hour or twice a day etc.?

Please elaborate more.


Arizuddin, Oracle Apps DBA



You need to verify you system config against the IMT:

I am not sure what Oracle database versions are supported under ERP r12.0.6.

SMO currently manages most Oracle versions up to currently.

If you have not used the IMT before or are having issues verifying your config, contact your account team.