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Can not restore from FC tape - Check Condition: SCSI Op Code Read(06)


Posted this as google did not have any hits for the error message and I hope this post will help you in the future.

When trying to restore from FC Tape to a filer via NDMP, the job fails and the filer console has the error:

"Fri Jul 16 00:10:52 BST [SAN01: tape.cmd.chkCondErr:error]: Tape device WI02:15.2: Check Condition: SCSI Op Code Read(06) (CDB 0x08: 0x010000 bytes): illegal request -  (0x5 - 0xee 0x2 0x30)."

Long story short, it was an LTO4 tape with encyption enabled.  The tape could not talk to the key managament server due to a network issue.  Resolve the network error and the NDMP job starts working...




i am getting the same error on FAS3140 ontab version 8.0.2p6.

i am using LTO6 tape drives on IBM library , the media users is LTO5.

the netapp at the first didn't recognize the LTO6  tape drive so i used the  emulates LTO 5 ULT3580 for the physical LTO6 drive.

no encryption is used , so please can you send me back what you did  in network ?

your quick response is appreciated