Data Backup and Recovery

Can't get a good backup of E2k10 with SME 6


Currently have Snapdrive 6.2.1 with SME 6 and cannot get a good backup.  This was all already installed and I was called in to try and help, however, I cannot figure out exactly why this is not working.  Appears to be related to inconsistent snapshot copies or a Snapshot copy not being there...?  But I am not sure - I am not very familiar with SME yet.  From what I can tell, there has never been a good backup and therefore, there are no options for restore...  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Attached is the report from the last time I tried to run a backup.  Thanks!




Figured it out - it was due to poor disk/LUN layout from the person who originally configured things... thanks,


Could you describe how the disk/LUN layout was done and what you did to change it?