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Can't update or install SnapDrive 7.1.5 on 2012 R2 Server - InstallShield DLL Custom Action error!


Where I work, we have a troublesome Windows 2012 R2 server with SQL Server 2008 R2 on (no Snapmanager for SQL though) that we are required to upgrade SnapDrive on to version 7.1.5 in preparation for our OnTap upgrade that is happening later this week. We are currently on OnTap 8.2.3P1

We have not been able to install SnapDrive 7.1.5 or uninstall the existing version of SnapDrive 7.1.1 on this troublesome server.

The install fails (or uninstall) fails every time with a InstallShield DLL Custom Action error relating to not being able to find a .tmp file.  Please see the screen print uploaded for an example of this error.



Also since trying to uninstall the old version of snap drive, the GUI for SnapDrive will no longer open nor will the SnapDrive services start, although the iSCSI drives still connect automatically on start up.


What could be at fault here (i know the screenshot probably is not helpfull), we have not had an issue upgrading SnapDrive on other 2012 R2 servers we have.  Windows Host Utilities 7.1 also installed fine on the troublesome server as did the hotfixes for WHU.


So far I have tried to no avail:


  • Installing in safeMode
  • Installing as Local Admin
  • Uninstalling AV Software
  • Trying to unstall old version of SnapDrive first.

Regards: Elliott. 




This error does not say much!

what you can do is to check in the %temp% folder the installation logs to see if you can have more details.

Another step can be to run the process monitor or the dependecy walker to check if some component is missing.

Usually the missing component is the MS Redistributable package. SO my advice is to check if you have it installed and install if id you don't have it.



All sorted, was down to a non-Microsoft service running that was preventing SnapDrive from installing.