Data Backup and Recovery

Cannot manually delete backups in the SMHV console? Server 2022 failover cluster with CSV.



I might have a problem with SnapManager for Hyper-V Version: P2 or with SnapDrive Version: 7.1.5 P5 ?


I cannot manually delete backups in the SMHV console, even though the SMHV console shows deletion and that everything has been deleted, but again after refresh it shows all backups? (see picture) The snapinfo snapshot is also not deleted.


When automatically starting a backup from the dataset or through the scheduler, everything works normally and old snapshots marked for delete are deleted as well as snapinfo snapshots.


The problem is only with manual deletion through the snap manager for hyper-v console? I can manually delete the snapshot through snap drive but I didn't need to do that on the old non cluster 7 mode.


The VM and snapshot are on CSV lun at two node Windows server 2022 failover cluster and storage ONTAP 9.10.1P5 version.

The one node is owner of CSV and the VM.  The all configuration is doing on this node.




Hi, thanks, I noticed the article, but the symptoms listed are not the same. I do not have backups created in earlier releases of SMHV and
backups created by policy that no longer exists. I have a completely new configuration. I also noticed in testing that manually deleting the backup without cluster configuration on the standalone host works properly, obviously the problem is in using SMHV in cluster configuration? Automatic deletion through a scheduled job works fine and that's important. For now, if necessary, I delete the backup and associated Snapinfo through SnapDrive and it works fine for now.