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Clarifications on cloning oracle to different host



I have SMO set up on Solaris 10 sparc. I need to clone a DB on host 1 to host 2. I gave a profile created for host 1 and users on host 1 set up in operation manager. As the user, I can back up the DB on host 1 fine. Now i am trying to figure out how to clone the DB to host 2. My questions are

- I know I need to install SMO on host 2. Do I need to create a profile for it in SMO repository?

- the way I understand it, SMO will do the mounts on host2. How does it access host 2 when SMO clone is triggered from host 1? It seems to me it needs root password on host 2 to mount? Anything I need to set up in operation manager for cloning to different host to work?

- destination paths in clone specs XML file: are they relative to host 1 or host2?

Thank you!




SnapManager does not automatically create a new profile for cloned database. If you would like to be able to back up and clone a clone database, then you should create a new profile for the clone database in SnapManager for Oracle. This also applies to clone created on a remote host. You should create a new profile for database created on remote host to perform backup and clone operations through SnapManager on cloned database.

To create a clone on remote host you need to configure SDU and SMO on that host as well. SDU should be configured with storage used for database volumes on primary host. Clone wizard checks if SnapManager is up and running on remote host.  And, henceforth SMO server running on an alternate host takes over the request for clone creation. You would also be prompted to enter the credentials for remote host in the clone wizard.

Paths in clonespec are the ones which will be used on remote host for the database files.

Also, please make sure Architecture, OS and version, oracle software version, storage stack, protocol to access data are same and compatible Volume managers are running on source and destination hosts.





Thank you very much for the concise explanation. I will give it a try after I've got the cloning locally working.