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Cloning from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008 - Snapmanager for SQL


Does anyone know how I can clone a 2005 database to a 2008 server using snapmanager for SQL for reporting on? I am able to do it with 2005 to 2005 but I am thinking that snapmanager might fail if I try to 2008? Has anyone got any experience in this?





Hi Andy,

You can clone from a lower version of SQL Server to higher version; but cloning from a higher version to lower version will fail (is not supported).

Please go ahead and clone your database from 2005 to 2008 server. For this, all you need to do is to mention the 2008 instance name in the "Clone to server" option.

Let me know if you would need more details on this.




Per Devahrudaya Raj's response, you can clone from lower to higher versions, but also remember you can manually clone anything you want.  By going into SnapDrive and attaching to a LUN that resides in a SnapShot, SnapDrive will automatically create a FlexClone (provided you have it licensed).  You can then use SQL to manually attach or upgrade, or downgrade whatever database files reside in that LUN (or set of LUNs if your .mdf and .ldf files are split up).  Just remember, though, that if you manually attach to a SnapShot with SnapDrive, you will also need to manually detach from it otherwise the SnapShot will hang around forever likely messing with your retention policies.  Scripting an action like this should be fairly easy with a combination of PowerShell and the SDCLI (SnapDrive command line interface).